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It is time that the poor and working class people
have a voice on the Internet.

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How often this zine will appear depends on you!

Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my

With the unpresidented attack on Workers Democracy by a click
at "marxism" Jefferson Village on Internet in creating new lists which
exclude "Stalinists" and poor and working class people that
support Trotskyism going under the name of "unity list" we hereby
publish and extra number with some of the correspondence in this
vital issue for all those who are fighting for a workers, poor people and a
communist future!

Say NO to the new tactics of Stalinist exclusionism by the new
Czars at Jefferson Village. No pity on these enemies of Workers

Letters of protest and outrage and all *real* actions against these
fake leftists and "marxists" should be sent to me and;
<marxism at>

However these new enemies of the working class will soon shut
down the open list (second address)..They must be stopped!

Warm Regards


Louis Proyect writes; in a private letter on my subbing to the
"left unity" list at Jefferson village..

>Louis: Has nobody answered you? How unfortunate. I will answer in my
>capacity as sub-vizier of the unity list. This is a moderated list that is
>trying to regroup leftists who have broken with sectarianism and
>"vanguardism". There is nobody on the entire planet and perhaps the solar
>system who is more of a sectarian and a "vanguardist" than you. On the
>other hand, this newsgroup is just the right place for you. Have a nice


Well, I guess this makes it quite clear about the new list. However
I think that you should change your advertisement on Usenet. I
mean "Stalinists" forbidden is not quite true.

It should be "Stalinists, and those who have broken with sectarianism
and vanguardism" not allowed. But of course it really means that a
little click of moderaters like yourself determine who stays and
who goes. In fact even who is allowed to join!

What is interesting Louis is that you have even taken a step futher
then the ivory tower when they created the M2. They allowed all
in from the beginning. I guess you have learned from their mistakes.
You will make sure that the list does not become contaminated by
people who have a clear program whether they be Stalinist or
Trotskyist.  Sort of a permanent place for the intellectual
swamp to wander around in without being disturbed or sometimes
kicked in the ass from the left.

But to say that the spoons have not had a part of playing the
Stalinist exclusion game in all this is just and outright lie. They
are responsible for creating a list with people like yourself in a
position of power, who has a history of hating the Trotskyists and
especially hating Malecki's poor and working class background,
where you have time and again accused me of being a "philthy
lumpen", lover of "cockroachs" and attacked me because of my
activities against the war in Vietnam among other things.

Naturally i,ll will do all in my power to expose this new fake
left list of Mensheviks and liberals who are acting in a really
sectarian and bureaucratic way to avoid being critisized from
the left.

For all of the people on M1 and Usenet, i am sure that Louis's
answer above makes it quite clear that the spoon administration
is hardly any innocent bystander in all of this but were a leading
force in creating this new sectarian and undemocratic approach to
discussion on Communism (a word that some think that the spoons
are afraid of).

A warning to the new list called "unity of the left" and the spoons
who are responsible for its creation and the way it is being run.
A good part of my life i have been fighting against the ruling
classes and especially the American ruling class who still wants
to put me away for a very long time because of my activities
against the war in Vietnam. They have imprisoned me, beat me,
and pointed guns at the heads of my children. So this new little
click of sectarian fake leftists who will ban people like myself
>from taking part in the discussions on the future of communism
have declared war on the wrong person. And in fact have made
yourselfs and enemy of me personally and through your own actions
have put yourselves outside of the poor and working class movement
that i belong to. This concretely, through your actions, puts you
on the same level as Dow Chemical. In fact worse because Dow
Chemical does not use a left cover. But your actions by excluding
me make you the class enemy and and ally of those who would gag
people on the Internet from making this a forum for fighting for
a communist future!

Remember this well. Poor and working class people might be stupid
according to your conceptions of intelligence. But we have a long
memory in fact like and elephant and are, unlike you, prepared to
put actions in back of the words they speak.

There are a few people at present i hold responsible for the
present order of things.

You have made a formidable enemy beware! The war has just begun!


Something that is worth fighting for with any tactics neccessary!

Sincerly Yours,
Robert Malecki <malecki at>
Reply from Spoon at Jefferson Village!

>As has been made clear in our solicitations for list proposals, we accept,
>for the special-purpose lists, any variety of moderation schemes.
>Some of these lists will probably be invitation-only, some will accept
>or reject subscriptions on the discretion of the moderator, some will have
>open subscriptions; some will have rules, others won't.  These policies
>are up to the moderators of these special-purpose lists.
Malgosia is a liar and supports Stalinist exclusionism on the lists
at Jefferson village. Malgosia's own track record of throwing Karl
off the Foucalt list is a good example of the new Stalinist
exclusionist norms of the Jefferson Villager.

You are a class enemy of the proletariat with your new line and
should be crushed by any means neccessary. You have through
your own actions put yourself out side of the workers movement!

Down with Stalinist exclusionism!

Defend Workers Democracy.

Smash the new Czars!

Robert Malecki

>Date: Mon, 02 Sep 1996 04:07:00 -0700
>From: David Stevens <phylstevens at>
>Organization: Open Real
>To: malecki at
>Subject: [Fwd: Robert Malecki, Hero of WORKERS' America]

>Robert Malecki:
> Several years ago, Workers Vanguard printed a
>letter of yours. I know that you are a war hero
>[for workers' America, not for the one that still
>wants your butt in prison].
> Readers of <soc.politics.marxism> are being told,
>gee, the exclusion only applies to "hard" Stalinists
>[as in, "I only have problems with 'hard' liquor"].
> And, oh, yeah, too bad expulsion rules were fuzzy,
>the exclusion stuff was a "last minute add-on".
> I am not the only worker who refuses to play in the
>stupid sandbox antics of the reformist left.
> I am also not the only American who remembers Vietnam,
>and the debt our class owes to you.
>   - David Stevens
>     San Francisco, CA
>     reader of <alt.politics.socialism.trotsky>

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