War at Jefferson Village!

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Mon Sep 2 12:22:43 MDT 1996

At 5:00 PM 9/2/96, Robert Malecki wrote:


Sorry to have to break it to you, Savior of the U.S. Working Class, but
Jefferson Village isn't really a place in the conventional sense, though I
know you're not one to be bound by mere convention. It's the name of a
computer site, either physical or logical, for routing mail to and from
members of this sublime, exhilarating list. As someone who spent 3 yrs in
grad school at the University of Virginia I can tell you that the name
comes from Thomas Jefferson, the slaveowning founder of the university, and
his reference to it as an "academical village." The cult of Jefferson in
Charlottesville is revolting. The word "campus" is a no-no, because "Mr.
Jefferson" (and it's *always* Mr. Jefferson) called it "the grounds." Life
at "The University" (as it's always called, again, thanks to Tommy the
Slaveholder) drove Edgar Allan Poe to drink, and then to Baltimore.



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