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Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Mon Sep 2 11:23:36 MDT 1996

>>After Hugh's post on the transitional program i felt almost forced to do a
>>close reading of it once again. it has been awhile since the last time. What
>>is so incredible is how relative it is to today,s situation.
>Robert -
>that was a stirring speech and all, but how 'relative' is it *really* to
>today's situation? The differences between the moment of the Transitional
>Program and our own are, as you point out yourself, impossible to ignore.
>Perhaps the *full* import of those differences has not sunk in with you?

No, one can not ignore "today's" situation. However one can not either
forget the hard earned lessons of the International Proletariat and the
battles that were fought and shed the blood of millions of workers.
Questions like facism and how to combat it, the popular front vs working
class independence from all wings of the bourgeoisie, the united front, the
Vanguard Party of the proletariat, Stalinism and reformism and how to combat
it, Socialism in one country vs Internationalism, trade union tactics,state
capitalism, just to name a few.

The "differences" is in many cases not really differences at all but opposed
ideologies between reformists, centrists and ultra leftists who under the
guise of a
"changed" world would like once again to try solutions and politics that
have led to bitter defeat and in some cases counter-revolution or the
victory of facism!

>I think you have to ask what an International would achieve, given the lack
>of a proletarian base: the conclusions of such an organ would be of
>interest only to the delegates themselves. What is surely far more urgent
>is the need for revolutionaries of all persuasions to understand why the
>old mediations between theory and practice have broken down, and to begin
>to apply their critical faculties to the new order we find ourselves
>confronted with.

Not really. The absolute neccessity of revolutionary regroupment around some
of these correct  historical positions are vital to the future activity of
the poor and working class. Unfortunately revolutionary politics and the
memory of victories and defeats is implanted in the communist vanguard
historically. Unfortunately that Vanguard because of historic defeats and
open betrayal and liquidationationism have dragged Trotskys hard earned
ideological victories through the mud. And in fact no longer want to defend
authodox Trotskyism (i.e. the revolutionary extension of the Bolshevik wing
of the Third International after Stalin,s victory in the Soviet Union)
which is the present crisis for communist! Nothing else as i see it. And
without the vital instrument of the vanguard party the Communists the
working class is doomed to destruction!

>In this way, and this way only, will it be possible to look towards an
>International - because with an *appropriate* critique for 1990's workers,
>a new proletarian movement may be born in each of our countries, and will
>soon make international bonds. But without the basic work, such external
>activities would simply be farcical rehearsals of a past achievement,
>unearned by this generation.

Naturally one can not neglect work amongst the masses. But without a
revolutionary regroupment Internationally along the historic lines of the
Left Opposition the vital historic experiences and the politics neccessary
for victory will not be obtained.

Warm regards
Bob Malecki

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