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Mon Sep 2 16:39:37 MDT 1996

Karl Carlisle argues,  lamely:

> Engels was a pioneer of dialectical materialism. He believed
>that a small number of dialectical laws manifested themselves in the
>form of the cosmos, nature, pre-history, history and society. He
>believed that there did not obtain a qualitative distinction between
>nature and society. Both were, in linear continuity, manifestions of
>the same group of dialectical laws and formed part of the one long
>story. Since these laws transcend history they are transcendental in

>This theory is not supported by evidence. It is simply a hypothesis
>postulated by Engels under the influence of Hegel. Since there has
>never been any evidence to support its foundation it can only be based
>on faith. Belief in the existence of these transcendental laws plays
>an identical role to belief in god. Dialectical materialism and god
>are just different names for the same transcendental notion.
>Interestingly Engels in his younger days had more of a problem with
>religion than did Marx.

So,  in other words,  Karl,  you're not really sure of FE "religious" beliefs!

You had him sounding like Parson Weems!

Louis (G)

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