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LABOR DAY 1996!: ADDITION: Engels' series of articles in 1881 for
English newspaper The Labour Standard. These quick and insightful reads
-- like "Trades Unions" and "A Working Men's Party" and "Social Classes
-- Necessary and Superfluous" -- highlight Engels' great talent for
popular journalism. (Happy Labor Day, sister and brothers!)

   LABOR DAY 1996!: ADDITION: Lenin's famous 1920 booklet Left-Wing
Communism -- an Infantile Disorder. This work was written in rebuttal of
ultra-left tendencies in Germany and Holland following the Russian
Revolution. Poignant observations about "revolutionaries" who would
"abandon the unions as reactionary" remain as sharp as ever -- indeed,
you will find such ultra-leftists all over the net. Lenin notes that
Communists go where working people collect. Unions are the working
class' first line of defence in a capitalist system, therefore,
Communists must work there.

   September 1: ADDITION: Engels' celebrated, insightful, and
entertaining masterpiece, the 1877 Herr Eugen Duhring's Revolution in
Science -- better known as Anti-Duhring. Marx and Engels had long warned
that Lassellean opportunistic concessions in the German political scene
would lead to a general opportunism in the worker' movement. Berlin prof
Duhring was one such manifestation, and Engels took him to task in a
thorough way.

   August 31: ADDITION: Engels' 1875 letter to August Bebel. Bebel kept
this letter tucked away from public viewing for 36 years, finally
publishing it in 1911. It's often published as a "follow-up" to Marx's
better known Gotha Programme. Among other things, it analyzes errors in
Germany's Lassallean labor movement, such as regarding all other classes
as "only one reactionary mass" in relation to the working class.

   August 30: ADDITION: Lenin's 1914 article Disruption of Unity Under
Cover of Outcries for Unity -- a rather scathing attack against
Trotsky's "non-factional"  periodical Borba. Also, Lenin's 1915 article
On the Two Lines of the Revolution -- rebutting Plekhanov's theory of
"ascending/descending" revolution, as well as Trotsky's theory of
"Permanent Revolution." (Thanks to Carl Kavanagh.)

   August 29: ADDITION: J. V. Stalin's 1924 speech Trotskyism or
Leninism? (Thanks to
Carl Kavanagh.)

   August 27: ADDITION: Trotsky's 1937 article Pacifism as the Servant
of Imperialism.
(Thanks to J. J. Plant.)

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