A Labor Day leaflet

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Tue Sep 3 11:09:05 MDT 1996

On 3 Sep 1996, Jos. Green wrote:

>      The Communist Voice is published by the Communist Voice Organization
> which links together members in a few cities.  The CVO calls on all activists


> shakes the world! <>

Louis: Look at this crap. This microsect puts out their labor day leaflet
attacking the union movement to the Marxism list, but doesn't bother to
convert it to text only. So you get all the stupid control characters from
whatever word-processing program they wrote it on. I assume the Z's are
control characters rather than a representation of snoring, my reaction to
the ultraleft garbage. All the geeks who have been issuing communiques to
the list for the last year or so (LCMRI, etc.) better clean up their act.
The moderated list will not be a dumping-ground for leaflets. Mark my

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