Emergency Protest to End the Bombing of Iraq

Felix Kreisel fjk at pfc.mit.edu
Tue Sep 3 08:55:23 MDT 1996

>Subject: Emergency Protest to End the Bombing of Iraq
>From: npc at nyc.pipeline.com (DEIRDRE SINNOTT)
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>The International Action Center has called an Emergency Protest for Today,
>September 3rd, Times Square Recruiting Station, 43rd and Broadway at
>5:00pm. Come out to End the Bombing.
>Stop the War Against Iraq!
>End the Bombing and the Sanctions Now!
>U.S. Out of the Middle East!
>We Need Money for Housing, Schools, Healthcare, Jobs,
>Not for War on Iraqi People!
>Protest Tuesday Sept. 3, 5pm
>Times Square Recruiting Station
>43rd and Broadway
>For information, contact the International Action Center
>Ph: (212) 633-6646, Fx: (212)633-2889, E-mail:npc at pipeline.com
>Sara Flounders & Kadouri al-Kaysi,
>Iraq coordinators International Action Center

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