Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Tue Sep 3 13:30:57 MDT 1996

Richard wonders:

>how widely it is being reported in the US
>especially, but also in other countries, that the British government is
>the only one to support its bombing exercise.

At my lunch break,  CNN carried it for a full half hour (noon est),  with a
great deal about Britain and Canada being the only two nations to support
Clinton's pre-emptive strike.   There was much attention paid as well to the
"strong" positions of Russia and China,  as well as that of the Arab League.

Two "independent" pro-Iraqui commentators were given about 5 minutes each
(in London and Washington) to criticize the Clinton action.

I don't know about the major networks.    We'll see tonight.

Louis (G)

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