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Tue Sep 3 15:46:23 MDT 1996

Kevin Cabral asks (re: my remark on the two "independent" pro-Iraqui
commentators who appeared earlier today on CNN):

>Can you please tell us the arguments of the pro-Iraqi
>commentators. And why do you put independent in quotation marks?

"Independent" appeared in quotation marks simply because they were
identified as such by the CNN anchor in Atlanta.   I took that to mean that
they were on the official payroll of neither the US State Department,  the
Pentagon, British or American Intelligence,  or,  alternatively,  the Iraqui
Embassy.     Who knows?    I had never laid eyes on either one of them
before.     There is a special on the bombing on CNN this evening at 10
(est).    Maybe they'll both show up there.

Their arguments boiled down to this:  the American action was wrong because
a) it was unilateral  b) violated UN Resolution 695 c)  was taken *after*
the Iraqui withdrawal from the two Kurdish cities d) threatens to vitiate
the oil for food scheme agreed to between Baghdad and the UN last month,  e)
strengthens Saddam Hussein's regime, and f) was an excuse to extend the
no-fly zone to the south.

In view of the lukewarm support Clinton's action has received,  the American
media this afternoon is devoting a great deal of coverage to Natanyahu's
bellicose expressions of solidarity with the US.    Coverage of the 5 deaths
and other casualties,  as well as the reaction of the Russians and Chinese
is now more muted.

In addition, CNN in an unprecedented move devoted a full hour this afternoon
to Robert Dole's sabre-rattling speech to a VFW gathering in Californina,
which occurred on Labor Day.

Louis Godena

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