Why Saddam supported the KDP in Northern Iraq.

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Tue Sep 3 21:40:21 MDT 1996

Wei En Li's report is fine until he gets here:

>The capital-to-be of Kurdistan, DIYARBAKIR....The city is under
>strict military occupation because of the active PKK, a Marxist
>Leninist grouping fighting for a separate  Kurdish state.  I will
>happily say more about Kurdistan, if you wish.  I met a number
>of revolutionaries there who, because I was obviously not a Turk,
>would speak to me.

Mr Wei is perhaps not aware that since the PKK's 5th Congress (8-25 January
1995),  its "Marxism-Leninism" has gone the way of the Edsel and rhinestone

A number of resolutions were adopted which scrapped the hammer and
sickle--dropping it completely from the Party's banner and literature,
junked the Central Committee (replacing it with a "Central Executive
Board"),  repudiated "the burden of real socialism",  declared the PKK a
"movement of humanity",  adopted "in principle" the need for "free
development",  denounced Soviet socialism as "the most primitive and violent
era of socialism",  and completely re-wrote the Party's Regulation programme
along "non-Marxist" lines.    "Democratic Centralism" is out.    "Free
debate,  "democratic" criticism,  and self-criticism are in.

A suspicious mind might be tempted to conclude that the PKK has succumbed to
the blandishments of western social democracy and opportunism.    Twenty
years ago,  when the PKK was getting off the ground as a--yes,  Mr Wei--"
Marxist-Leninist" Kurdish movement in Turkey,  there was little reluctance
to accept material support from those representing "the most primitive and
violent era of socialism."    Abdullah Ocalan,  formerly the PKK's General
Secretary--now reborn as Chairman of the new Council structure--himself
received much support from the Soviets and from groups friendly to Moscow.
Now there is a concerted effort underway abroad to hook up with parties from
the Socialist International.

Why the change?

Diplomacy,  according to the tea leaves that emerged from the 5th Congress,
now figures as prominently as "guerrilla warfare".    The same goes for the
"practice of politics."    Indeed,  a major goal of the whole gathering was
to,  in their words,  "boost the PKK's diplomatic and political activities
throughout the world."    A corollary of this was the decision of the
Congress to "register" as "observers of human rights" under the Geneva
Convention with the International Committee of the Red Cross and the UN.

Perhaps "Chairman" Ocalan is positioning himself as the new Yassir Arafat of
the Kurdish people.

Louis Godena

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