Jesus and Engels, etc.--What about Mao's "God" ?

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Wed Sep 4 01:24:36 MDT 1996

>Comradely Greetings from Wei En Lin
>Jesus, Marx, Engels, Buddha, etc.--
>What about Mao's references to God?
>Many times Mao made reference to
>"the time when he would see God"
>(i.e. after his death).  In Mao's poetry
>there are many references to God,
>gods, spirits, and so forth.  Mao,
>of course, roundly condemns
>organized  religious priesthoods and
>non-religious priesthoods (such as
>are found in Confucianism).

>Thus God can, in Chinese Thought, be the destination
>after life is finished, the World, the People, the
>Spirit of the People, the Source of all, and many
>more things besides.  For the Chinese Marxist there
>is nothing threatening about this type of thinking,
>on the part of the masses, intellectuals, workers,
>peasants or soldiers.   What is threatening is the
>priestly hierarchy of humanistic systems like
>Confucianism.  Therefore during the Cultural Revolution
>a thorough-going criticism of Confucianism
>was launched.
>God is associated with Priesthoods
>and feudal oppressions in the West.  Humanism
>has been associated with progress and liberation.
>in China it has been 'Humanistic' Confucianism
>which has been most closely associated with
>the oppressing bureaucracy.
>--Wei En Lin

Mr. En-Lin is clutching at straws when draging out Chairman Mao's quip about
going "to meet Marx" and that "our God" i.e. the "god" of the Marxists, is
the masses.  That only means that for Marxists there is NO god, but the
masses of the people, who are ALL POWERFUL, and that perfectly corresponds
with dialectical materialism.

Chairman Mao also spoke of a "Marxist Hell", where Marx, Engels and Lenin
would "stand in judgement" over revisionists and renegades for "eternity".
If you cannot separate irony and metaphor from philosofical fideism, you are
really in trouble trying to conciliate with metaphysics and religion, and
surely that will find your in Marxist Hell sooner rather that later.


Why so much banging the drum for religion Mr. En-Lin?  Are you considering
setting yourself up as a prophet?

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