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Rosser Jr, John Barkley rosserjb at
Wed Sep 4 13:05:21 MDT 1996

     I tried to send this before got a message that it did
not compute.  We have a horrendous new system which cannot
handle volume or much else, and I have been off M1 mostly
lately, although lurking on the duck pond.
     I don't know what the spoons have decided about
beating up on the knives and forks, but I have a proposal
about how to moderate a list without purging the lovable
Planet Gonzo's inhabitants (and who among us does not
belong there?  Surely not the officious Louis Proyect!).
     Ecol-econ had an unmoderated list that got wrecked by
a single person who simply sent too much, although to this
day he refuses to admit this.  They now limit an individual
to having their last eight messages not exceed 12% of the
total of the last 100 messages to the list.  This allows
people to send several messages in one day, which might be
useful if they are involved in a hot thread.  But then they
would have to cool it for awhile.  Also ecol-econ's
managers warn people when they are about to crash into
their limits.  This should help the volume problem.
     I think that efforts to purge based on Louis's or
Lisa's or Hans's judgment of the intellectual, political,
literary, moral, or psychiatric content of their messages
is doomed to failure and duckpondery.  I have nothing
against new lists, but in general think that the new "let a
thousand lists bloom" proposal is just an invitation to
balkanization and the end of dialogue.  An ecol-econ type
moderation would make things more manageable, if not
necessarily more sane.
Barkley Rosser
PS:  Since I have been mostly off of here recently, I
apologize for not getting back at anybody who may have
called me a fascist, social democratic rubbish, or petit
bourgeois revisionist scum in my absence....:-).

Rosser Jr, John Barkley
rosserjb at

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