Proyect, leaving "unity" list?

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Wed Sep 4 13:52:11 MDT 1996

>On Wed, 4 Sep 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:
>> Ban a Trotskyist at the door and he will try and climb in through the window!
>> Naturally it is sad that your hate for the Trotskyists has turned you into a
>> vicious sectarian who will stop at nothing to get certain people and ban
>> their ideas.
>Louis: Is this the most stupid human being whoever lived? Malecki, I was
>not a moderator of the "unity" list. Per Mathisen, an ex-ISOer, was. As
>soon as I got a whiff of the composition of the list, I ran for the hills.
>I am much more interested in speaking to people like Louis Godena or
>Adolfo Olaechea than I am with the microsect Trotskyites on that list.
>The big joke, as Adolfo already pointed out, is that you can't even get
>through the front door of this quasi-Trotskyist list. You have such a
>terrible case of cyber-body-odor that your own co-religionists don't want
>you around.
>Now as far as M1 is concerned, yes, this is disappearing. But there will
>be a new unmoderated list that will welcome you and your bowel movements
>with open arms. My guess is that any normal human being, upon discovering
>your trash in that location, will run for the nearest exit.

In fact, Lou, now that you have wisely walked out from that carcass of a
list, maybe we should join our political endorsement to malecki's struggle
to be included in it!

There is no question that malecki is a BONA-FIDE "non-stalinist" (Thank god!
- Let's see what En-Lin makes of this exclamation of relief in my part? -
Will he regard me as a "religious South American inescrutable" mind that no
"Western marxist" should try to understand?).

malecki is - possibly - along side Rodwell - the most non-Stalinist person
on this planet.  So how come he is not allowed to go to "anti-Stalinist" heaven?

Very unfair!

In fact I think we should demand that the famous "Unity" list be moderated
by Bob malecki.  Moreover, it should be renamed the "Bob Malecki" list.

Justice for bob malecki!


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