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Wed Sep 4 14:51:19 MDT 1996

>So I would ask subscribers how they would rate the lessons for left unity
>provided by three great recent British mobilizations:
>1) the Great Miners' Strike of 1984-85
>2) the Anti-Poll-Tax movement that brought Thatcher tumbling down, and
>3) the current heroic Dockers' Strike in Liverpool.

Very good lessons.  Particularly of how the working class does not need this
kind of "left unity" to achieve its aims or to acquit itself with honour and
advantage in the field of its class struggle.

On the contrary, a condition for such victories and those solid movements
serving notice to the bourgeoisie that its grave-diggers are advancing in
preparing the ground for its burial, is that the proletarian continues to
rebuff all attempts on the part of the Trotskyst sects, the revisionist and
opportunist elements of all kinds, including the clerical and the burocratic
organisms such as the Labour Party, the Fabians, Churches, etc. to pull the
struggling workers' sleeves.

They do well to carry on the class struggle, regardless and oblivious to all
the stupid Trotskyst and other "liberal advice" and exhortations for any
sort of silly "Transitional Programs", guiding themselves by common sense
and by their own far superior sense of reality and experience.


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