For the defeat of US in Iraq!

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Wed Sep 4 23:29:05 MDT 1996


In the final days of the election campaign Bill Clinton, being cheered on by
the jealous war-drum beating Republicans from the wings, has used the
present round of jockeying of pro-Iran and pro-Irak Kurdish Nationalists, in
order to collect the anti-Saddam votes of the previous Bush administration.
This cynical attack against Irak is taking place in the face of growing
misery, starvation and health deterioration of millions of Irakian poor and
working class people. But also in the light of the lifting of the ban on
Irakian oil which would have lowered the price of oil on the world market,
cutting into the profits of the mega corporations, if Irakian oil for food
and medicine for the starving and sick masses were to be dumped out on the
Naturally all communists must condemn this cynical and brutal "clean" attack
with the "smart" bombs of Imperialist USA. Anti-imperialists for all over
the world should be happy if the Yankee terrorists warplanes could be shot
In back of this brutal attack we have two big factions of Kurdish
Nationalists. Talabani's PUK is getting it support from the Mullahs of Iran
and Barzani's KDP is being backed by Saddam who’s main contribution to the
Kurds was to carry out a brutal and genocidal war with chemical weapons a
few years back.
In this mini "exile" statelet created by the allied coalition during the US
Imperialist led UN war on Irak after their occupation of Kuwait and directly
a product of the hate of the Kurds and their right to
self-determination and land to build a state on by all of the countries
which border this area Iran, Irak and Turkey. All three of these countries
are using the Kurdish Question in their own little expansionist goals,
especially the Mullahs and Sadam. None of these bordering countries have and
interest in seeing the creation of a Kurdish State! In fact all of them
through there past actions against the Kurdish minorities have proven that.
But the Kurdish political scene is dominated by groups that are cowtowing
and being armed by by these states! None of these Kurdish bourgeois
factions have the interests of the Kurdish people at heart nor their right
to a country and self-determination. All of them appear to be playing into
military click, mullah led hands of one of the bordering countries who are
using this question to whip up nationalism and preparation for war against
each other in a historical dead end cycle..
What is needed in these countries and amongst the Kurdish people who have no
republic is Communist parties of a Bolshevik Leninist model. A party who
fights independently for poor and working class
the slogan of the United Socialist states in the region , including the
to build and independent state  where the Kurds can live and thrive, against
all of the present regimes in the area. This is why communists can give no
political support what so ever to the present
We are in favour of the Arab and Kurdish workers and peasants to overthrow
Hussein. Just as we are for the overthrow of the Mullahs in Iran and the
regime in Turkey.. Nevertheless, we consider imper
poor and working masses if Iraq who must do this job and not any colonial
master like the Yankees!
 US Imperialism's victory in Iraq would mean more attacks against the
welfare state and all the workers' historical gains everywhere. That is why
we would always stand in the defence of the oppresse

For the defeat of US imperialism in Irak!

For workers and peasants militias and councils to smash imperialist attacks
and to overthrow Hussein and all the Kurdish warlords!

Liaison Committee of Militants for a Revolutionary Communist International
Poder Obrero (Bolivia)  Communist Workers Group (New Zealand) Poder Obrero
(Peru) International Bulletin (Europe)

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