Richard B. on Unity!

Wed Sep 4 17:10:20 MDT 1996

Malecki proves that closing a list is not as easy as it sounds, and forwards
to us.....
> Richard Bos writes to "Unity" list.
>> I am not a Stalinist, although Trotskyists would say that I am. This does
>> not mean that I am anti everything that Stalin did. I think the left
>> needs an unemotional analysis of that era (but not ad nauseum please! We
>> should look forward much more than backwards). I am curious to know why
>> Stalinists are explicitly banned, but not Trotskyists, who, in my
>> experience, are the most disruptive and negative elements on the left.

If I could be bothered, I would be deeply upset at the above. It is a
betrayal of the common humanity that I would expect all self-proclaimed
communists to abide by.

Malecki, who attacks you in debate, defends your right to take part in the
'UNITY' list, despite being banned from it himself. You try to weasle in by
"not being a Stalinist" despite being in a political organisation that is
proud of Stalin, his era and his legacy, and then compound your sins by
suggesting that the organisers of the list ban a few more people for good

Are you opposed to free speech for anyone else, or just Trots?


"Don't shoot me. Shoot the Trots!"

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