Status Report 4

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Wed Sep 4 16:43:08 MDT 1996

Since last Wednesday's Status Report 3, the spoon collective
received the following additional proposals and requests for

* Proposal of a list that would look at Marxism on an intercultural
basis (for instance Marxism in Japan, etc).  Starting with the
circumstances of the introduction of Marxism in different countries,
this list would analyze the interpretation and conjunctural
transformation of the theory in the considered countries, explaining
how different cultural backgrounds led to a variety of `Marxisms'.

* A list called "left-computing" in which progressive and activist
computer programmers can discuss how to strengthen and streamline the
information technology infrastructure for our struggles.  Since these
issues are not specific to Marxism, this list will probably be run as
a general spoon list and not be assigned to Marxism space proper.

* A list called "Specters: Marx, Derrida and Co" exploring the Marx -
poststructuralist connection starting with Derrida's "Specters of

* An academically-oriented list about "analytical Marxism", to
discuss the relations between Marxism and methodological
functionalism, game theory, utilitarianism, neoclassical economics -
and also the substantive works by authors like Przeworski, Elster,
Cohen, Wright, Roemer and others.

* A list "Marxism and culture", with someone volunteering to
moderate it.

In addition, someone proposed the following assortment of lists:

*Marxism and the Trinity of Postism:
Postmodernism-Poststructuralism-Postcolonialism [with emphases on emerging
and changing dialogues/contacts/conflicts between Marxism(s) and various
versions of postmodernism, poststructuralism, and postcolonialism]

*Marxism and the Politics of Postcoloniality

*Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the Politics of the Oppressed

*Marxism-Gramscism and Subaltern Studies


Here are other developments of interest.

Some of the prospective moderators of the moderated general Marxism
list, which will be called


are engaged in a discussion about the moderation principles and about
who else should be asked to join the moderation team.  It will not be
an easy task to moderate this list.  We are confident that those who
have taken this task upon themselves will find wide support among you.
It is impossible to predict at this time when the list and its
moderation principles will be announced.  But there is no hurry

Further list proposals should be addressed to

marx-administration at lists.village.Virginia.EDU

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these announcements should send the message

subscribe marxism-news

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Hans Ehrbar.

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