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Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Wed Sep 4 17:21:05 MDT 1996

Nick H quotes (badly) one of my quotes from an earlier post:

>> the Events actually constituted a major psychological watershed
>> a necessary catharsis
>> en route to a more sophisticated and subtle form of bourgeois rule.
>Wow. You certainly didn't get that from Marx & Engels.
>Or Lenin.

That's right,  Einstein,  I was summarizing Regis Debray's cogent 1979 New
Left Review article "A Modest Contribution to the Rites and Ceremonies of
the Tenth Anniversary",  in which he uses the language of Maurice Bloch and
Claude Levi-Strauss to analyze the events of "Mai '68" within a loosely
fashioned structuralist paradigm. Transitional models within bourgeois
society to facilitate the study of various forms of capital has long been a
tool for Marxists (c.f. Maurice Godelier)

Why don't you pull your head out of your ass?

Louis (G)

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