Proyect, leaving "unity" list?

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Thu Sep 5 01:26:27 MDT 1996

>On Wed, 4 Sep 1996, hariette spierings wrote:
>> Very unfair!
>> In fact I think we should demand that the famous "Unity" list be moderated
>> by Bob malecki.  Moreover, it should be renamed the "Bob Malecki" list.
>> Justice for bob malecki!
>Louis: I understand that they are pretty lax on the Stalin
>question--witness my good friend Richard Bos sneaking in the back
>door--but they take a very hard line on the apostrophe/comma question.

They may be lax on the Stalin question, but I am not lax with anti-Stalin
lists. Richard Bros will not find revolutionaries in that list, only
counter-revolutionary Trotskysts.

He'll find out, the hard way, that capitulation to the Trotskysts on the
question of Stalin and allowing them, like Khruschev did with the
imperialists, to force people to repudiate Stalin (or to relegate his
contributions to the back of his mind) in exchange for a hearing from the
egregious Trots, leads to revisionism, to the destruction of socialism and
to the open bourgeois dictatorship.

I understand Richard's party has learnt already - the hard way too - witness
their recent repudiation of Khruschev and the Twentieth Congress of the CPSU
which established Krhuschev's anti-Stalin line - the first lesson.  Now they
probably will learn faster the second lesson.   People can also get better,
if they are truly sincere and class conscious, by undergoing negative


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