Jesus, Engels and the fact-value distinction

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Thu Sep 5 01:27:19 MDT 1996

>I apologize for butting into this discussion at this late stage.
>There is one theme which was present in some of the earlier
>contributions to the religion thread, which I could no longer discern
>recently.  I would like to formulate this theme in the following
>(1) The fact-value distinction which we all are taught is a
>prerequisite of science is wrong, wrong, wrong!  Value is not always
>merely something which we carry to the world from the outside, but the
>world itself is value-laden.
>(2) Marx got it wrong too.  He saw morality only as an instrument of
>oppression (which it usually is) but did not explicitly acknowledge
>the true kernel of it, i.e., the values embedded in the world.
>(3) People sense that science, in its modern incarnation, is lacking
>something and turn to religion to find what is lacking.  There is
>a secret complicity between the value-less shallow realism of
>science and the irrealist values promoted by religion.
>(4) In addition to criticizing religion for its irrealism we must
>therefore also criticize science for its failure to see that values
>are objective and real.
>This is not something I figured out by myself but I learned
>it from reading Bhaskar.
>Hans E.
Try S. Rustie, his perspective is a lot more funny.

bob Malecki

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