New Moderated list.

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Sep 7 02:00:35 MDT 1996

One of the few areas where it would be justifiable for a moderated list
other then a list based on a certain number of messages a day would be a
list for women ONLY!

Because of the male dominance on Internet, but also the left, a list for
women to discuss communist and working class politics would be politically

 However in the iver of the present trend of Stalinist exclusionism on spoon
they have not even mentioned special forms of organisation for women!

For a communist women,s list for women ONLY!

Robert Malecki

Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my
Banned from the "Unity" list at Jefferson Village For being
 a "Trotskyist" and a "philthy lumpen" background, who today
lives with his "pigs and donkeys" in exile-where he ran away
during the Vietnam War.

According to the ex-vice viseur of the "Unity" list at
 Jefferson village!

Boycott the "Unity" List at Jefferson Village!

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