Boycott the "Unity" List at Jefferson Village..

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Sat Sep 7 02:55:40 MDT 1996

Bob M quotes Bill as writing:

>>> >However, if too many voices are raised in protest, I will
>>> >consider that a democratic veto from the list against your
>>> >subscription, and heed it.

and comments with some justification:

> So you are in fact prepared to enforce a undemocratic and apathied
> system based on list democracy! I find this amazing coming from anyone
>claiming to be Communist or Socialist.

The trouble is, and Bill seems totally oblivious of this, that the lists
run here by Spoon are not democratic in any sense of the word. They are run
on the arbitrary, personal and subjective conditions of their moderators,
not on principles decided by a body subject to rules of democratic process,
such as a party or a political body with bourgeois-democratic
representative functions.

Now, it's quite possible that a moderator, at his or her will, might decide to
*simulate* democratic processes on a list, but this isn't and never will be
the real thing. It's like the utopian socialists bringing in the workers on
certain decisions in their factories.

For this reason I don't think a boycott is an appropriate method of
changing things for the better.

The way things are going on the unity list it will soon turn itself into a
Broad Left irrelevance, anyway, a society for mutual admiration that Louis
P will be able to sign back on to with no fear of running into principled

But that hasn't happened yet, and there are some new people there who have
a contribution to make.

And if the proposed discussions are set in motion (on the Transitional
Programme and recent events in Britain) it will be worth taking part, and
sharing anything useful with a non-censored list open to everybody
regardless of style and polemical preference.



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