An Ex Parrot!

Richard Bos Richard.Bos at
Sat Sep 7 07:21:31 MDT 1996

Louis N Proyect wrote:

> I was the person in fact who started the whole "punk" movement. Joey
> Ramone, who I went to high school with, was over at my pad one day when I
> threw a brick at my TV during a Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy telethon.
> (Fortunately I missed. I am not a rich guy like Elvis Presley was.) Joey
> then said, "If I can only incorporate that attitude into my music..."

I once had a beer with Graham Chapman of Monty Python fame; he died soon
after. His demise was nothing to do with me, as far as I know, but the
story does wonders for my street cred!

BTW Louis, there were punks around before the Ramones.

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