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Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Sep 7 13:22:30 MDT 1996

Dear Luciano,

Now you are trying to "Spart" bait me. The truth is i have never had any
problems at meetings, demonstrations or in fact at Swedish USec Congresses
in selling material or discussing politics when i was a member of the
Spartacists. However that is hardly the point! In fact what we are talking
about here is *real* political exclusion, announced and carried out against
certain groups and individuals by the moderaters of the "unity" list. This
is not a moderated list but a Stalinist practice of deliberately using bans
to stop certain political trends in participating in the discussion.

Nor have i surplanted anything to the what the list has itself applied in
banning certain groups and individuals from the list. In fact the people
responsible for excluding political trends are responsible for that. Your
thoughts appear to be putting the present policies of exclusion and
bureacratic bans on the "unity" list as the norm in the light of the banners
and practisers of Stalinist exclusionism are the victims of a plot. This
indeed is a strange way of putting things!

Naturally i am glad that you oppose those who critisize my "style" and
However then you say that what i write is public. The point is that it is
not public because i am banned from the list and thus have to take round
about ways in order to make it public because the "unity" list has banned me
>from participating in the list for being among other things:

"a "Trotskyist" and a "philthy lumpen" background, who today
lives with his "pigs and donkeys" in exile-where he ran away
during the Vietnam War."

That is the real problem here. I have not broken any rules, i have not acted
like a "Spart", nor anything else. I have been banned from the list from its
conception along with the Stalinists..

And as far as my points in my "personal life". My book is hardly personal.
It is written and published on the net. It is in fact a story about poor and
working class people and it is political in the sense of my evolvement from
yesterday to today.
And in fact important, perhaps not to you, but i have found that there are
quite a few people who think it a surperb book which paints a picture that
can be related to in reality. It was one way from the ghettoes of New York
City to becomong a communist revolutionary. However you seem to think that
this is ego tripping of some sort. In fact that book was one of the most
painful experiences of my life. And to publish it and stand for every word
in it even far more difficult. But for some people obviously only a treaties
or a paper on university doctorate level count in their world. Fortunately i
am not a part of that world and extremely proud of where i came from and in
the direction i am trying to head.

Then again you say that this is not "style" but purely political. attacking
me for being a Spartacist. Well, once again. Until the time that the
Spartacist left  Sweden i was in complete agreement with their politics. I
do not at present know how this organisation has evolved from this point.
However they always acted in a principled way. But not even the Sparts get a
free ticket. Communists give no free ticket to any political organisation.
It is a living organism and can evolve both forward or backward have a
correct political orientation and fall into an incorrect orientation. I am
convinced that Trotsky and the left opposition was correct and i think that
the Spartacists were a continuation of the LO and the FI when both the
Pabloites, and finally the SWP turned down another road. Is their something
wrong with believing this?

For you it is. And this is where the politics come in. You left the
Spartacists and now call the same organisations a group who are "Wreckers"
and "Splitters". So coming from you this means that you have differences
with the Sparts. I also have differences with the USec and others. Things
like Pabloite liquidationism, the SWP and the anti war movement, etc. So
what! But according to you this is not to be discussed because the Sparts
are splitters and wreckers. It just doesn't make any sense to me at all your
reasoning other then Spartacists should be banned where others who,s
politics are hardly revolutionary should be allowed to stay!
Then you say;

"While practising that kind of stuff over the years -- and being rather good
at it, I am afraid -- from time to time I felt uncomfortable: there was some
contradiction between the stated political goals and these methods."

Is this some sort of guilt trip? Or is it that you have come to hate the
organisation you were a part of? It appears that the "Jim Robinson" syndrome
has effected you. Well, Jim was a leading comrade with enormous experience
and deserved respect. But his shit stinks like all the rest of us. I think
that intellectuals have a funny approach to this stuff. When I heard Jim
speak, he was no fucking god, in fact my position was does this move us
forward or backward, is this right for me based on what i have read and what
i have experienced or not. But for intellectuals it appears to be something
entirely different.

Robertson was going after your personal intellectual integrity. Why that
horrible man tried to destroy anybody who didn,t agree with him. Well for a
working class kid like myself that's life you either win or you die! Then
you throw in a punch under the belt by asking a loaded question on Robertson
and the Sparts:

"And why is it that any member of theSpartacists who is active in the trade
unions is quickly withdrawn from anyand all positions of responsibility?"

this question implies that Robertson and the Sparts are anti-worker at best.
no political clarification. Is this a general tendency in your attitude
toward the Sparts? Or is it more? Of course it is more you have differences
with the Sparts. OK.

Then you go on to say that your find my political behavior repulsive. And
defend ny right to stand for the political positions i believe in. However
not on the "Unity" list it appears. Their are special rules for "Stalinists"
and "Sparts" that just don,t apply to this particular list. How disgustingly
sectarian and ignorant this is. Although you do it in a clever way by saying
that these poor souls that have other political positions should obviously
not be victimised by allowing those horrible Stalinists and ex-Spart Malecki
in their.

Finally, you find my call for a boycott of the "Unity" list at Jefferson
Village "grotesque". Naturally i do not because i call for a botcott. I do
this because i have been banned for my political views ans personal style!
Just as the Stalinists are banned for their political views. The situation
is what i believe an unprecedented attack on certain groups and individuals
not being allowed on the list because of their political positions. Where
all others are welcome. This smells not of moderation but exclusionism. The
same kind of tactic that the Stalinists once used against Trotsky and the
Left Opposition. Sorry if that upsets you!

Naturally the situation can be eliviated if the ban is raised against
specific groups and individuals then the boycott can be called off. I took
this step because the moderater said in a letter i received this morning
that Malecki would be allowed in over his "dead Body". So this has become
and issue of live and death but also important principled questions.

Warm Regards
Bob Malecki

Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my
Banned from the "Unity" list at Jefferson Village For being
 a "Trotskyist" and a "philthy lumpen" background, who today
lives with his "pigs and donkeys" in exile-where he ran away
during the Vietnam War.

According to the ex-vice viseur of the "Unity" list at
 Jefferson village!

Boycott the "Unity" List at Jefferson Village!

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