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Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Sep 7 14:42:12 MDT 1996

On Sat, 7 Sep 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:

> Dear Luciano,
> Now you are trying to "Spart" bait me. The truth is i have never had any
> problems at meetings, demonstrations or in fact at Swedish USec Congresses

Louis: The new moderated list, I trust, will ban this sort of
cross-posting bullshit that Malecki thrives on. Malecki, did it ever occur
to you that not only am I not interested in your private exchange with the
splendid Luciano (who I look forward to being reunited with on the new
moderated list), I also have zero tolerance for anything relating to the
personal life of Robert Malecki.

The minute you started posting excerpts from your autobiography to the
list, I told you to cut it out. You have had no respect for the integrity
of the list. You took it upon yourself to post completely inappropriate
material and in copious amounts.

The name Kant has come up recently. Many years ago when I studied
philosophy, the Kantian notion of the categorical imperative really
impressed itself on me. This is the notion that one's personal behavior
should in effect be a model for the rest of humanity. A moral person, Kant
believed, should act in such a manner that their deeds are something like
universal legislation for all people.

This has a lot to do with the problems of the socialist movement. So many
socialists act in a completely egotistical manner and don't think about
the consequences of their behavior. Imagine that you have been conducting
yourself on this list in a fashion that you think everybody should
emulate. Can you imagine how long this list would list if there were 200
embittered, argumentative people just like you?

I think the reason people like Doug and myself are taking the trouble to
speak to you now is that we know you won't be around much longer. You will
find the culture of a moderated list intolerable.

As Jon Flanders pointed out to you the other day, political groups are
like moderated lists. There are parameters for what is discussed. The
moderated list will be a place for enlightened discussion of theoretical
and practical questions before the Marxist movement.

I plan to transform my behavior on this new list. If I have a limited
number of posts a day--as I expect I will--I will not waste them on
baiting you or Rodwell.

You have shown since the time that you have been here that the only
subject your really have an appetite for discussing is yourself. You will
have plenty of opportunity to discuss Malecki and the raw deal the world
gave him on the unmoderated list. I, for one, will be ecstatic not to hear
that kind of shit anymore.

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