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Sat Sep 7 18:00:47 MDT 1996

At 12:01 AM 9/8/96, Hugh Rodwell wrote:

>As always these posts attacking Robert M are utterly devoid of political

Not at all. Months ago, I posted a criticism of M's choice of "cockroach"
as his mascot - how it was slanderous to equate the the working class, the
expropriated producers of all wealth, with a filthy scavenger. In a
masterful post, Adolfo developed this theme, showing it a long pathology in
left politics, a romanticizing of the lumpen. M's style embodies this - he
thinks his illiteracy a badge of authenticity, rather than something to be
overcome. Marxists usually like education and argument and complex thought,
and encourage their spread among the masses; Malecki is hostile to all.
He's also remarkably vain, undisciplined, and hostile. He claims great
credit for himself, but seems to have stiffed his comrades for $25,000 bail

Is that political enough?



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