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Sat Sep 7 21:31:16 MDT 1996

Issue #4 of cy.Rev, the cybermarxist journal published by the
Chicago Third Wave study Group, is now available at its Web
site at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The URL is:

Table of Contents: Summer/Fall 1996:  Issue Number Four

1.  Report on the DePaul Conference  From Microchip to Mass Media:
    Culture and the Technological Age.'
       By Brodie Dollinger and Paul Shafer, DePaul Graduate Student Council

2. Technological Revolution & Prospects for Black Liberation in the 21st
       By Abdul Alkalimat, 21st Century Books

3.  Buchanan vs Gingrich: 3rd Wave & 2nd Wave Factions Contend in the GOP.
       By Carl Davidson and Jerry Harris, Chicago Third Wave Study Group

4.  Mass Media, Centralization & the Corruption of Democratic Culture.
       By Liane Casten, Chicago Media Watch

5.  From Cash Nexus to Needs Nexus: A Radical Response to Growing Poverty.
        By Bruce Parry, People's Tribune

6.  Free Time, Shorter Hours & the Dogma of Work: From  The Jobless Future.'
        By Stanley Aronowitz and William DiFazio

7.  Freedom, Community and the Third Wave: An Analysis of the Magna Carta
for a           New Civilization and The Community Builders Guide to
Telecommunications Technology
        By Paul Shafer, Philosophy, DePaul University

8.  Kids, Computer Learning & the Game of Solitaire.
         By Antonia Stone, Community Technology Centers Network

9.  Young People Are Already Shaping the Media of the Future
          By Carl Davidson, Networking for Democracy

10. Town Meetings on Technology: Denmark's Experience with  Consensus
          By Richard Sclove, Technology Review and the Loka Institute

cy.Rev #4: A Journal of Cybernetic Revolution,
Sustainable Socialism and Radical Democracy

Editorial Board (in formation):  Abdul Alkalimat, Stanley Aronowitz, Rhon
Carl Davidson, Jim Davis, Ivan Handler, Jerry Harris,  Jilliane Smith,
Selena Sol, Mike Stack, John Trinkl, Sue Van Hattem.
Managing Editor: Carl Davidson.
Production Group: Brodie Dollinger, Jerry Harris, Anita Malinski and Paul

cy.Rev is published several times a year by the Chicago Third Wave Study
Group and
Networking for Democracy, 3411 W Diversey, Suite 1, Chicago IL 60647. Tel:
312-384-8827 Fax: 312-384-3904  Email: cdavidson at   cy.Rev is posted
on the nfd.ifeatures conference on Peacenet and on the World Wide Web at the
Electronic Frontier Foundation   Each issue will be
published electronically in both plain ascii and WP51 files.  The WP51
version will be set up for an HP Laser Jet 2 using the standard TrueType
fonts.  Hard copies are also available for $3. Inquire for bulk rates.  Mail
Subs are $25 for 6 issues.  We welcome articles and comments. Sustaining
donations are also welcome and tax deductible.  Make checks to Networking
for Democracy.
Keep On Keepin' On

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