"Unity" list expells Communist!

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sat Sep 7 23:18:07 MDT 1996

Below is a message from the Mandelist, United Secretariat moderater of the
"Unity" List Per M.

As the pressure grows on the "Unity" List against their policy of bans and
Political exclusion they are beginning to expell Communists from the list.
Not only expell Communists the moderater Per M. of the Mandelist, United
Secretariat are making up new rules to gag people who defend the right to
free speech.

Join the Boycott of the "Unity" List at Jefferson Villllage.

Stop the Bans and Political Exclusion.

Condemn the Sectarian Expulsion of Ben Burges.

Bob Malecki

>---------------Original Message---------------
>Why is that I get the feeling that back every corner I pass
>there stand somebody ready with shotgun to shoot me in my
>back? At least on the internet, regarding this list.
>For some really really really inexplicable reason, Ben
>Burgis has been sending all messages on this list to Robert
>Malecki. Then he proceeded to spew the latter's ramblings
>back to this list. This has been *extremely* damaging,
>several people have already unsubscribed, stating this as
>the reason.
>Hence I have to exercise my power as a moderator to expell
>Ben Burgis from this list. Anyone else who raises the
>topic of Malecki also face the danger of immediate expulsion.
>Let us proceed to have some *real* discussion, in other
>words let us proceed to *politics*.
>----------End of Original Message----------
>Name: RH
>E-mail: revhist
>Date: 09/07/96
>Time: 22:35:03
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