Boycott the "Unity" List at Jefferson Village..

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Sun Sep 8 11:53:00 MDT 1996

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>The trouble is, and Bill seems totally oblivious of this, that
the lists
run here by Spoon are not democratic in any sense of the word.
They are run
on the arbitrary, personal and subjective conditions of their
not on principles decided by a body subject to rules of
democratic process,
such as a party or a political body with bourgeois-democratic
representative functions.

Easily fixed if you want to stop whining. Assemble the kind of
democratic group you want, elect your moderators, find a service
provider to offer your list to the world. But you don't really
want to do that do you ? Its a lot more comfortable to slag off
Spoons, Left Unity, or whoever else fails to meet your Olympian
standards of the moment.

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