Ainta no Sanity Clause!

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Sun Sep 8 05:58:52 MDT 1996

Richard B gets hold of the wrong end of the stick, so to say:

>I think it is Mr Rodwell that has come out of the closet. He makes it
>very clear from his posting that he thinks that I am gay and he hates

Couldn't have been further from my mind. If I'd've thought 'lisping
innocence' would be misinterpreted as gay-bashing I would have written
something else. This is probably one of those cases where you heard what
you wanted to hear.

It must feel good for a Stalinist to think he's nailed a Trot for
gay-bashing! Instead of the usual way round...

I don't hate gays. Gays don't hate me.

>My sexuality is irrelevant to this list, so I aint going to tell Hugh
>Rodwell whether he is right or wrong. I will reveal that I am part
>Welsh, English, Dutch, and Jewish. Come on Hugh, tell us some jokes
>about Welsh sheep, or a few about Concentration camps Jews!

Cymru coch am byth, me old tebot!

There's a nice joke about Cardies, but I'm damned if I'll tell it here.

I might add in passing that your sexuality is indeed irrelevant to the list
-- I found your wet dream reaction to Zeynep on 20 August amusing but quite
off the wall. I  can't recall anyone else turning the list into a
centre-spread this way:

>I already know that half the males (maybe some females too) on this list
>have fallen madly in love with your brain Zeynep. Now you're telling us
>you have a beautiful body too!
>Just think of all the sleepless nights and restlessness you are causing.
>Stop it at once, before the ones on this list who are not mad already go
>completely over the edge!
>Best wishes,

But more to the point, your Stalinist politics are irrelevant to promoting
working class interests in society.

>Best wishes, (I'll change it when I want to!)

I didn't ask you to change it -- Louis G did!

Merry Christmas!


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