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Sun Sep 8 08:43:58 MDT 1996

Karl Carlile wrote:
> KARL: Does anybody have any views concerning the marxist and her/his
> relationship to family, friends, work and day to day communication
> with people who are not marxists?
> For instance if a person is standing at a bus stop or whatever and a
> very old person who is not very intellectual with conservative views
> starts in a friendly manner to give her/his views on this and that
> from a conservative standpoint do people on the list think it is right
> to correct this person's views or just play aling with them?
>                               Yours etc.,
>                                          Karl

It really does depend on the circumstance, but if that person feels free
to give their views in a friendly manner, then of course you should
respond with your views in the same way. On the other hand, if you spend
all day correcting people, you can become a bore and no-one listens.

One thing that I never let go, though, is racism. Too many people feel
that they can spout the most repugnant racism and are surprised when
anyone disagrees.

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