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Karl Carlile writes:


KARL: Some people on the list advocate marxism joining the
British Labour Party. The issue of marxism joining the Labour Party
is a tactical one. However it cannot make political sense for
marxism to join the Labour Part or indeed any other party similar to
the Labour Party if while in the party, marxism is compelled to
compromise its politics.

Surely the correct basis for organized entry into the Labour Party
must be on the basis of being able to clearly present marxist
politics within the Labour Party. However it is questionable as to
whether marxism could conduct itself in a politically principled way
>from within the Labour Party for even a minimally substantive
period. Compromise on the basis of perspective and programme would
be nothing less than opportunism and the effective liquidation of
marxism into bourgeois politic

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I thought that this old chestnut died the death with 'New Labour', when
it became clear that far from being a 'working class party' that Labour
was as reactionnary as the Conservatives.
The point is why join a blood-soaked racist party? The Labour Party
supports every imperialist sortie by the Bristish State, it is racist to the
core in its adherence to immigration laws and is more than happy to
enact any anti-working class policy to restore profitability.
So why not join the Tories? At least they are honest capitalists rather
than Blair's shame-faced defenders of the 'market' !


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