homophobia and the Marxism list

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Sun Sep 8 10:20:51 MDT 1996

Richard Bos hopes that:

> someone will respond to is the
>blatent example of homophobia that has appeared on this list.

Richard,  as I intimated in an earlier post,   Hugh's animosity has less to
do with your sexual preference--whatever it may be--than it does with the
fact that you are`a member of a "Stalinist" party.    In the UK.    Combine
that with Hugh's natural arrogance and perspicacity--he,  apparently,  does
not suffer fools gladly--and you have his "homophobia" in a nutshell.
Believe me,  it has nothing to do with that,  and it is foolhardy and
destructive to imply otherwise.

I recently had occasion to witness "the British left in action",  as regards
our friend who traveled thousands of miles to "learn" from her counterparts
in Britain.    I wrote you about this.    A most unedifying experience.

Keep that in mind when passing judgement.


Louis Godena

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