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Sun Sep 8 13:12:19 MDT 1996

Kevin C admonishes me:

>        Your recent behavior in regards to Richard has been absolutely

What particularly are you thinking of?

His pro-Stalinist line deserves much rougher treatment than I have handed ou=

His attempts to *hide* his pro-Stalinism even more so.

If you read the stuff on Christmas cards carefully, you'll see that the
sexual interpretations all came from Louis G and Richard himself. When I
wrote 'lisping innocence', for instance, I had unisex ingratiating
creepy-crawly obsequiousness in mind. The young Uriah Heep and his mother,
for instance. 'We are so very Umble'...

>Its entire purpose has been to embarass others,

There's been a clear polemical edge against a spokesman for shamefaced

>and then flaunt

your choice of word

>your ideological superiority

if I didn't think my positions were right, I wouldn't hold them. Calling
this 'ideological superiority' is just polemical verbiage on your part.

>to the peons on the list at Jefferson.

This again is your choice of word.

>It seems to me that the only thing sexual in this engagement is your
>deep-seated need to chauvanistically flash your masculinity in front of
>all of Spoons to be seen.

Obviously a raw spot has been touched. But it's odd that I should be
singled out for 'flashing my masculinity' on the list. There are after all
several other subscribers who are much more into direct territorial
display. One in particular comes to mind who doesn't hesitate to brandish
the age discrepancy between himself and his date(s) for all to gape at.

>Do you teach your students in England (or is it
>Sweden) this way?

I think they would all of them (boys too) be quite relieved and stick their
noses in their books a lot more willingly if I cared more about putting on
a traditional male role model show. As it is my main concern is getting
them to acquire good method and stimulating them to think. As subscribers
will be aware, this is not a good way to gain popularity in the short term.

Also, there is such a spectrum of evil and foolishness represented here in
the nether reaches of the list that any need I might have to indulge in
single combat with cudgels or razors is more than satisfied. There are
rarely any frustrations left that get taken out on the kids. I might be
more irascible than I used to be, but I'm a lot more forgiving and a lot
less ironical.

When it comes to the list, though, supporters of Stalin's policies and
methods, including the sixty-forty trimmers, should be prepared to look out
for themselves. Most of the time, of course, as we've seen in the Shining
Wars, they'd better be watching their backs.




Culex:          Idyllen sloet sitt gyllene gap
                med dessa paa sin tunga.
                Foertvivlan aer en egenskap
                som passar foer de unga.
                  Men paa Medelaalders arm
                  sover Lyckan trygg och varm,
                och i ett stadigt aektenskap
                ska Glaedjen staendigt sjunga.

Anopheles:      Libido bjuder upp till dans
                och alla maaste hoppa,
                ty d=E4r den ljuva klaadan fanns
                fick ingen makt att stoppa.
                  Du som stel och tillknaeppt gaar,
                  ploetsligt du en raptus faar,
                som bet dig pulex irritans --
                det aer, en vanlig loppa.

Goeran Printz-Paahlson, Gradiva, 1966

        Culex:          Idyll snapped tight its golden jaws --
                        Our heroes on its tongue.
                        Despair's a thing that hooks it claws
                        By pref'rence in the young.
                          But on the arm of Middle Life
                          Happiness sleeps warm and safe,
                        And inside Marriage-hallowed doors
                        Shall hymns of Joy be sung.

        Anopheles:      Libido asks us for a dance --
                        We all get up and rock
                        That honeyed itching brings a trance
                        No force on earth can block
                          If you're stiff and wrapped up tight
                          You'll have a turn and see the light,
                        As if the flea, P. Irritans,
                        Had bitten through your sock.

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