Ainta no Sanity Clause!

Kevin Cabral kcabral at
Sun Sep 8 17:00:44 MDT 1996

On Sun, 8 Sep 1996, Hugh Rodwell wrote:

> Kevin C admonishes me:
> >        Your recent behavior in regards to Richard has been absolutely
> >immature.
> What particularly are you thinking of?

	While I'm not sure if I agree with Richard that you are some kind
of homophobe, I did become rather impatient when you took it upon yourself
to embarass Richard with your recounting of his "wet dream" about Zeynep.
I felt it was a very immature action. Things have been posted to this list
of a sexual and personal nature before, and often unintentionally, yet it
has been commonplace to ignore them. It seemed to me as though your
polemic against Richard was mainly ad hominad, and completely disruptive
to the norms of personal respect that are occasionally displayed today,
and were frequently displayed in the past, on this list. That is my

Cols, Oh

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