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>  "Morenoite"
> Can someone tell me what a Morenoite is?

Louis: Nahel Moreno was another one of our "Trotskys for today" who
attempted to jump-start his own Fourth International. He was the leader of
a small Trotskyist party in Argentina. Argentinian Trotskyism has sprouted
some rather exotic growths. In the 1950s, one Juan Posadas posited the
theory that UFO sightings *proved* the existence of socialism on other
planets. After all, how could creatures fly through infinite space withou
superior technology. This, of course, was disproved by the movie "2001"
which clearly depicted Coca-Cola ads deep in outer space.

Moreno's most recent contribution to the Latin American revolution was in
helping to organize the "Simon Bolivar Brigade". This formation consisted
mainly of Morenoites with non-Nicaraguan citizenship who tried to liberate
Nicaragua from Sandinista oppression in 1979, the very first year
following the overthrow of Somoza. While these sectarians set about on
this adventure, another group of Argentinians--with ties to the
fascist-minded military there--were helping to start the first contra

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