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Hartin, Tony thartin at
Mon Sep 9 10:16:00 MDT 1996

Not having been around for the "photographs" incident that Doug Henwood
referred to a while back, I'll have to declare the "left unity" saga the
funniest thing I've seen so far.

Honestly, if I was a right wing dictator wanting to deal with the Left (as
represented on this list) I wouldn't send the tanks against you, I'd just
force you all into the same organisation.

As regards moderation, I don't think I've entirely made up my mind, but I
don't have much sympathy for people who don't want to accept some
discipline. I think the moves towards limiting posts to one per thread per
day are fine, if maybe a little problematic. I think the best threads are
those that mutate. I'm also not sure about splintering the list into a
zillion themes - I reckon you run the risk of the list becoming sterile.

Lets face it, the most annoying thing about the list are the cyclical flame
wars - not because they're not amusing - they are - but that you get feeling
that if you left the list and came back in 20 years you would see the same
people arguing about the same things.

So my suggestions are

(a) moderation of the  list but no banning of individuals (unless by popular
acclaim - i.e. keep out right wingers)

(b) creation of a marxism comedy/gossip/whinge sub-set of marxism list to
which posts of this nature can be shunted. Anyone who wants to review the
latest round of insults can subscribe to it as well as the regular marxism
list. It would be a bit like having the option to get the digest or not

Having made these suggestions I don't feel at all confident that it will
solve what is essentially a political problem - i.e. a bunch of individuals
arguing largely in the absence of anything in the real world to discipline

But really, half the shit that goes on in this list would not be tolerated
in any real life political discussion that I or anyone else has been to.

Tony Hartin

P.S: I seem to have received disgests 354, 356, 358 and 360 but not 355,
357, 359. Coincidence or weird programming error? Did I miss Vladimir
Bilenkin's promised analysis of the list?

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