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Morenoite = a follower or supporter of Moreno. Moreno (I believe
deceased a couple of years ago) was a leader of a tendency
within the 'United Secretariat ' wing of the trotskyist
movement, mainly based in Latin America, but with small groups
of supporters in other parts of the world. If you want to access
the history of Moreno, you could start with the Spartacists
"Moreno Truth Kit" if its still in print, which trashes the
man's reputation as thoroughly as they are able, but apparently
on the basis of solid documentation. At least it would give you
a starting point. I saw him in London a couple of times at
public meetings, always to announce another splendid merger,
which inevitably fell apart after a few months. He always wore
very smart suits and spoke at great length. Perhaps he was one
of Hugh's "dinner-jacketed Fabians". But for all that he
organised and led a substantial movement in parts of Latin
America, which his followers have not been able to maintain.

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