assorted comments re "unity", moderation, etc.

Robert Malecki malecki at
Mon Sep 9 04:32:44 MDT 1996

>P.S: I seem to have received disgests 354, 356, 358 and 360 but not 355,
>357, 359. Coincidence or weird programming error? Did I miss Vladimir
>Bilenkin's promised analysis of the list?
Me too! Vladimir have you sent it to the list!

bob Malecki

Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my
Banned from the "Unity" list at Jefferson Village For being
 a "Trotskyist" and a "philthy lumpen" background, who today
lives with his "pigs and donkeys" in exile-where he ran away
during the Vietnam War.

According to the ex-vice viseur of the "Unity" list at
 Jefferson village!

Boycott the "Unity" List at Jefferson Village!

If you can,t do that then fight against exclusions
and expulsions.

Support those who are banned or expelled!

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