Dialectics of nature

Hans Ehrbar ehrbar at marx.econ.utah.edu
Mon Sep 9 09:06:53 MDT 1996

Bhaskar is very difficult to read; is he worth our efforts?

The answer is definitely yes, because it is impossible for ordinary
mortals to understand Marx's *Capital* without Bhaskar.  Bhaskar is
developing, not from an exegesis of Marx, but from first principles,
and firmly anchored in modern philosophical debates, those
methodological underpinnings, to which Marx in the course of his work
became more and more committed.  Marx had to resort to Hegel because
Hegel was the closest thing to Bhaskar's critical realism available at
the time.  Bhaskar claims that his book "Dialectic" is the book about
what is rational about Hegel's method which Marx never wrote, and in
my view Bhaskar is right.  There is a spoon list "bhaskar" which among
other things does a slow reading of Bhaskar's works.  Send a message
to majordomo at lists.village.Virginia.EDU with the text

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