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Mon Sep 9 15:08:24 MDT 1996

At 1:42 PM 9/9/96, Louis N Proyect wrote:

>Louis: Somebody sent me the following private mail that I would like to
>share with the list.
>Why not "marxism-malecki"?  Subscribers to  this list, moderated by
>Robert "the Swedish meatball" Malecki, receive  at  least  25 reminders
>daily that the history of Marxism has culminated in the writings of
>"Hey, Yeah:  My Bellybutton is a Bottomless Pit" (the title of his
>memoir, if memory serves), the heart-rending story of an American
>expatriate's continuing efforts to avoid correct spelling, basic
>punctuation, and other elements of imperialist brainwashing. Contributors
>to the list would be encouraged to post 15-20 times a day.

Sign me up! Since none of the papers I read have a "Today's Chuckle"
feature, I'm forced to rely on Malecki for daily laffs.



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