Dialectics of nature

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Mon Sep 9 21:27:07 MDT 1996

>ii) Gary, I know you should not judge people by their friends. But if I
>judged Bhaskar by his friends, I'd say he was an academic wanker, with
>no connection to the real world at all.
>Why should I change my mind on this ?

Adam this is  just the kind of knee jerk prejudice that i love.  I don't
know  which friends you refer to, but one of them (Andrew Wilkinson) does
explicitly attack your organization. I can dig that up for you if you wish.

Now why Bhaskar?  Well I am on the Bhaskar list but lurk there.  Will post
something soon.  For me Bhaskar has been the perfect antidote to the super
idealism of Baudrillard etc.

In the eighties Brisbane was absolutely taken by storm by the Hindess and
Hirst renegade variety of Marxism.

The CPA in its dying agonies was taken over by  the followers of Foucault in
the ALR.  Everywhere we had the "social construction of reality".  Bhaskar
at least held the line against this rampant idealism.

There does remain though the question of his politics.  He does not appear
to use the category of class and in many ways he can be read as a very
radical liberal.  We should talk more about this some day.

Still I truly believe that Marxists must address the problems of the
philosophy of science and that is where Bhaskar is at his best.



BTW Adam some day we will all have to drop "wanker" as a term of abuse!
People in glass houses shouldn't...

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