Cadets, Mensheviks and (Brownshirts?)

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Tue Sep 10 00:28:25 MDT 1996

>At 1:42 PM 9/9/96, Louis N Proyect wrote:
>>Louis: Somebody sent me the following private mail that I would like to
>>share with the list.
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Notice this pairs *real* views against a person from a very poor and
workingclass background who tried to do what he good during the Vietnam War.

Ahh Louis proyect and Doug Henwood (one member of the "Unity" list and one
ex-member of the "Unity" List) on the campaign trail again i see. In America
their is the term "The twin parties of capitalism" naturally meaning the
dems and the pubs.

Perhaps we need a label for our pair of intellectual clowns who have taken
upon themselves to destroy the Malecki's of the list. How about "Cadet and
a bit classical however passing in that they allie themselves against the
Proletarian wing of the list. As liberals and Mensheviks always have acted

However, this might be far too much of a political label as the pair are
degenerating quickly towards brownshirt slanders, racist implications, and
basically hate of Bolshevik Leninists, but also poor and working class people.

It reminds me of the "July days" in a sense. Although back then the cadets
and Mensheviks allied themselves with the monarchists and czarist generals.
However this would be a complete over estimation of this pair. I guess the
lesson here is that unless the Bolsheviks Internationally take the lead in
the future, the facists will recruit scum like Kenwood and Proyect because
history has taught us that the middle class in its desperation will turn to
the brownshirts in order to solve the crisis.

Perhaps now while the "unity" list is reforming their invitation on banning
and others from the list they can add another paragraph. Hysterical petty
bougeois liberals and Mensheviks allowed here to spew philth on poor and
working class people. Or even better join "Unity" potential brownshirt
recruitment possibilities perhaps? Or am i being to sharp against this pair
of jokers and their racist, anti-poor, and anti-working class incinuations?

With Bolshevik Greetings to the List.

Bob Malecki

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 a "Trotskyist" and a "philthy lumpen" background, who today
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