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Of course the history of rock is more complex than Paul Barrett
had space to expound.

One interesting aspect of it is the way it is constantly able to
renovate itself despite being systematically absorbed and
commodified by the entertainment industries. In this respect it
differs substantially from the other 'bread and circus'
components of entertainment - TV, spectator sport etc, the
innovative products of which rarely arise out of popular

A second is its association with rebellious sub-cultures
wherever it takes root. A powerful connection with
self-assertion and self-exploration (most often through sex and
drugs). This links it with freedom-seeking quasi-political
movements such as pirate radio, and the 'right to party'

A third is its technical innovativeness, at present at a higher
level than ever before, especially in the dance culture in

I commend to your ears Zion Train, Dreadzone and of course my
own new band, provisionally called Disappearing Fish (to
commemorate a dinner by our bass player) but may be renamed in
honour of Malecki to Hey go fuck yourselves all you
non-trotskyist fish. Or maybe we'll call ourselves the
Dinner-jacketed fabians in honour of Rodwell.

PS Don't miss Billy Bragg's new CD.

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