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Following is the preface of a new brochure than can be ordered very
The brochure is the
An act of resistance

A saga

And a front war


"No force, no state, no weapon, no bomb is stronger than a human being
who isn't scared to die for a free and dignified life. And nothing
could be stronger than the historically and politically justified
conviction of this human being."


The Death Fast of 1996 has shown all the people of the world the face
of fascism in Turkey and the invincibility of revolutionary will
power. It has caused astonishment and shock. With their sacrifices and
their conviction, their courage and their determination against
fascism, those who resisted wrote a true saga of a joint readiness to
die, a history of honour and of heroism of our peoples. With the
participation of more than 300 (1) revolutionary prisoners this death
fast has the become the first mass death fast in world history.  Those
who joined the resistance have delivered a severe blow against the
ideology of egoism, interest in profits and pessimism.

The bourgeoisie noticed that the people who joined the death fast, the
people who weren't afraid of death, would become a danger to them.
The bourgeoisie got scared, hundreds of revolutionaries were marching
into death together.

The revolutionaries confronted the pessimism of the bourgeoisie with
new virtues. Their personality, prepared to sacrifice itself for their
people and their land, confronted the lack of character, egoism, and
decay. They want a world in which a decent life is possible. They are
the bearers of future's hope.

They might be locked up within four walls, but their ideas, their
hearts and their spirits are free. They are Free Prisoners. It's the
tradition we established in the past which created these free
prisoners. Our revolutionaries might die, but they never surrender,
with their last breath they write their conviction on the walls, in
their own blood. Examples of this resistance, stemming from our
tradition, are the Death Fast of 1984 and the resistance on the
barricades in Buca in 1995 and Umraniye in 1996.

They are not just ordinary people. The 12 revolutionaries who fell and
the hundreds of revolutionaries who were prepared to die as well, have
ideas, ideologies, and they belong to parties and organisations. The
revolutionary prisoners, who wanted freedom, a free and a independent
country, gave their lives for people's democracy, for socialism, and
for the liberation of mankind. For themselves, they asked nothing.

Everybody knows revolutionaries do not seek death. But this resistance
has shown they are prepared, if need be, to die with their hundreds
for their cause, their country, their people and socialism.

Those who created the saga of the Death Fast from May 20 till July 27,
were right. It was the determination, the solidarity and the struggle
of the people which grew. Although the prisoners were unarmed, they
transformed their bodies into weapons, saying "Death of Victory". This
resistance frightened the enemy and in the same time it impressed the
people. It caused respect and prestige. The Death Fast mobilised a
strength which insured that neither beatings, nor arrests could stop
the relatives of the prisoners, whether they were 7 year old children
or 70 year old mothers, to support this resistance.

For the first time in history so many people participated in a death
fast. Hundreds of revolutionaries knew no limit in their willingness
to sacrifice and they were prepared to march into death together. The
deceiving system of the bourgeoisie can not offer this companionship,
this readiness to sacrifice, because it doesn't know any ideals, no
conviction. When 8 prisoners had fallen, the bourgeoisie became
disturbed, it even panicked. Not just Turkey, the whole world was
upset. The USA had to withdraw it initial support for the minister of
Justice, Sevket Kazan. The EU discussed blocking funds.

The willingness to die, to accept death in struggle, requires a strong
love for the own country and people. The revolutionary prisoners are
the true representatives of this land and its peoples. They enlarged
the determination, the wrath, and the conviction of victory. The death
fast awakened the sleeping, animated the tired. With the victory of
the death fast, also fear was defeated.

The death fast has rendered death meaningless. It's victory made up
for all its sacrifices. Because fascism was forced on its knees by the
death fast, because a ideological victory was won against the
bourgeoisie, and because the road was cleared for unity among the

The DHKP-C (Revolutionary People's Liberation Party and Front) played
a historical role. In 1984, she beat back the attacks by the junta in
a 75 day long death fast, in which four prisoners fell, almost on her
own. with only the small organisation TIKB on her side. In September
1995 she gave 3 martyrs on the barricades of Buca, and in January 1996
4 martyrs in Umraniye.

This time, in May 1996, we were able to win the organisations TKP(ML)
(Turkish Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)), MLKP (Marxist-Leninist
Communist Party), TKP/ML (Turkish Communist Party / Marxist-Leninist),
TKEP Leninist (Turkish Communist Workers Party Leninist), TDP (Turkish
Revolution Party), Direnis Hareketi (Resistance Movement), TIKB
(Turkish Communist Revolutionary Unity Party), Ekim (October) and
(People's Liberation Forces) for a joint resistance. From the 1.500
prisoners who started the hunger strike on May 20, 800 belonged to the
DHKP-C, from the 268 participants in the death fast, 128 were from the
DHKP-C. From the 12 martyrs of the death fast, 5 are martyrs from the
DHKP-C. During the resistance of the death fast the DHKP-C gave
another 12 martyrs outside the prisons.

The Death Fast of 1996 realised a unity among the left inside the
prisons which had not been possible in years and it thus created an
example for the outside. It has made a great contribution for removing
the obstacles for unity. The co-operation of 10 parties and
organisations in the "Central Co-ordination of the Prisons" has moved
forward the steps towards unity, made by the "Platform for Solidarity
with the Political Prisoners" (DETUDAP), established outside of the
prisons, and by MayDay 1996. The unity, established in struggle during
the Gazi Uprising 1995, has proven to be invincible. Our firmness, our
sensibility, and our sincerity have proven themselves in practice in
the efforts for unity. Our firmness led to positive results in the
issue of unity.

(1) From the 10 organisations who decided on May 14 to go on hunger
strike, 7 organisations participated in the Death Fast with 268
prisoners. 97 prisoners from the TIKB simultaneously continued their
hunger strike in which they gave 3 prisoners.

In this ideological struggle against the bourgeoisie, the superiority
of Marxism-Leninism against the ideology of the bourgeoisie has been
proven in victory once again. The imperialists and the bourgeoisie
were stupefied about the hundreds of revolutionaries who were prepared
to go into death, who died one after one. The revolutionaries have
shown the world that there are still people who are prepared to die
for their cause and their conviction. The death fast has shown that
the government in Turkey doesn't give a damn about justice, human
rights, democracy and the people. Furthermore, it has revealed the
dependence of the Refayol government from the imperialists, the
capitalists, and the contra-guerrilla and it has shown that the Refah
Party abuses religion for its own interests.

This determination, this love for the people, these people who were
prepared to pay every price for this, the affinity with their cause,
has rooted in the conscience, the hearts and in the spirit of the
people. The 69 days of resistance, in which every second was a second
of action, have shown the world that the freedom struggle is not over
yet, that there is a fight for socialism, even if this struggle
demands hundreds of sacrifices, and that no force can divert the
children of the people from their cause.

The revolutionaries have proven, with the death fast as their only
weapon, that they are superior to the egoism, the greed for profit, of
the bourgeoisie. They exposed the minister of Justice, Sevket Kazan,
who alleged that the prisoners were secretly eating, that nobody would

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