Karl Carlile joseph at indigo.ie
Tue Sep 10 12:48:18 MDT 1996

KARL: But RIchard are you not betraying your own values by failing to
express views that are part of what you are when the situation calls
for it? If a marxist is not to express the views that make her/him
what her/his is that marxist not denying his very existence. In that
way is the marxist not being controlled by others? After all very
often many people  have no hesitation in expressing their
conservative views.

RICHARD: It really does depend on the circumstance, but if that person feels free
to give their views in a friendly manner, then of course you should
respond with your views in the same way. On the other hand, if you spend
all day correcting people, you can become a bore and no-one listens.

One thing that I never let go, though, is racism. Too many people feel
that they can spout the most repugnant racism and are surprised when
anyone disagrees.

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