NICK.HOLDEN at geo2.poptel.org.uk NICK.HOLDEN at geo2.poptel.org.uk
Tue Sep 10 15:35:46 MDT 1996

> NICK: Indeed. But even this is a discussion out of context. Unless you
> what kind of organisation the Labour Party, you cannot have a framework
> deciding your tactics.
> KARL: Nick would you elaborate on the matter of the "kind of
> organization the Labour Party" is in relation to a framework for
> deciding tactics.  :)

Having had this entire debate about two weeks ago with Jim and Richard
(while you were denouncing me for discussing politics with the woman I
happen to live with), I am reluctant to go through the whole thing again so
soon, unless there is a real need (i.e. more than just one person wants to
discuss it).

However, in brief, what I'm saying is that in order to assess whether the
class interest dictates that marxists should operate inside or outside of a
particular political formation (e.g. the Labour Party) you first have to
decide upon the class nature of the formation concerned. If you decide it is
thoroughly bourgeois despite having trappings of working class decoration
(e.g. Socialist Party in france, or the US Democrats) then you steer well
clear, and argue for independent working class political action. If you
decide it has working class characteristics, i.e. is a mass party of the
class OR is a mixed bag (a la bourgeois workers party in its real sense),
then you work inside it, pushing the working class elements forward in order
to crystallise the divisions between it's proletarian and bourgeois


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