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> Sat, 7 Sep 1996
> 	MANAGUA, Sept. 7 (UPI) -- Nicaragua's left-wing Sandinista
> National
> Liberation Front has cemented its call for reconciliation with the
> United States by swapping the Sandinista Anthem for a piece by
> Beethoven, the party's presidential candidate said in an interview
> published Saturday.
> 	Daniel Ortega told the Managua newspaper La Tribuna that the
> second
> line of the now discarded Sandinista Anthem: ``We fight against the
> Yankee, enemy of humanity,'' belonged to ``another era in our
> history.''
> 	Ortega is running second behind former Managua Mayor Arnoldo
> Aleman
> in the lead-up to the Oct. 20 general election in which he hopes to
> regain the office he lost at the polls to Violeta Chamorro in 1990.
> 	In place of the anti-U.S. anthem, the leftist Sandinista Front
> has
> adopted the finale of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony based on Friedrich
> von
> Schiller's Ode to Joy.
> 	``The anthem we have lifted is the anthem of joy, that is our
> anthem,
> that is the one that corresponds to this phase we are living,'' Ortega
> said.
> 	The announcement appeared to cement Ortega's campaign call for
> reconciliation with Washington, which funded an eight-year war by
> Nicaraguan Contra rebels in an unsuccessful bid to oust the
> Sandinistas
> from power in the 1980s.
> 	Ortega said those days of conflict with the United States were
> done
> ``and now we have to see how we can eradicate poverty. That is the
> enemy
> to attack.''
> 	The new anthem, with its religious tones and lyrics alluding
> to love,
> peace and brotherhood, has been included in the Sandinistas' recent
> campaign advertisements.
> 	``It is not worth it to relive the confrontation with the
> United
> States. We have to start over with policies that will avoid a
> repetition
> of that confrontation,'' said Mariano Fiallos, who was named this week
> as the likely foreign minister if Ortega wins the October election.
> 	The possible appointment of Fiallos indicated a move toward
> moderation on the part of the Sandinista Front, which has also sought
> reconciliation with Nicaraguans who went into exile following the 1979
> revolution that ousted dictator Anastasio Somoza.
> 	Ortega, 50, who maintains relations with Cuba's Fidel Castro
> and
> Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, also named a former enemy as his vice
> presidential running mate, rancher Juan Manuel Caldera.

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