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Wed Sep 11 05:59:09 MDT 1996

On Wed, 11 Sep 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:

> It reminds me of the "July days" in a sense. Although back then the cadets
> and Mensheviks allied themselves with the monarchists and czarist generals.
> However this would be a complete over estimation of this pair. I guess the
> lesson here is that unless the Bolsheviks Internationally take the lead in
> the future, the facists will recruit scum like Kenwood and Proyect because
> history has taught us that the middle class in its desperation will turn to
> the brownshirts in order to solve the crisis.

Louis: Now I see I am called a fascist once again. This is a slander. I
insist that I am instead an epicene, petty-bourgeois radical who is trying
to drag the proletarian banner of communist revolution through the
backwaters of Menshevik, revisionist and opportunist ideology.

I could never be a fascist. I don't like to fight. I was raised in a
Jewish middle-class family in the Catskills during the 1950s and was
warned that fighting was beneath us. Since I was always a shrimp, these
words seemed consoling at the time. Instead I became a smart-ass. My words
are much more dangerous than my fists.

Now that our paths are separating, Robert dear knucklehead, I have a
recommendation for you. You should find some other outlet for your
crankiness besides politics. Have you considered religion? You must have
seen one of those New Yorker cartoons somewhere along the line. A bearded,
glowering man in sackcloth carrying a sign "The End of the World is
Coming" while some respectable middle-class couple comments, "I guess that
means no Hamptons this summer." That's the proper role for you, Robert.
Carrying around one of those signs. Just make sure the words are spelled
correctly. Prophets, unlike Trotskyists, do need some credibility.

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