"Crisis of Leninism"; Conference Course

Richard Bos Richard.Bos at hagcott.meganet.co.uk
Wed Sep 11 10:46:19 MDT 1996

Louis R Godena wrote:
> Sometime this year,  I would like to see some sort of an informal
> cybercourse on one of the lists that deals with issues arising out of the
> period 1985-1993 in the history of Communism.     We on the Left are,  I
> believe,  woefully lacking in analytical skills in dealing with this seminal
> period.    Louis (P) has suggested some points in common with such an
> enterprise.    I would like to offer the following prospectus,  with
> possible sources,  for a fruitful course of study.
> This course would be intended as an overview and analysis of the origins,
> rise and decline of communist political and economic institutions in the
> twentieth century,  primarily in the Soviet Union (the first major communist
> power and progenitor of the model) and China (currently the remaining major
> communist power).
> The focus would be morphological rather than historical;  the aim being to
> clarify the essentials of communist party organization as a system of
> political power and the command economy as a system of production and also
> as a foundation for a distinctive form of political rule.    We shall
> discuss the conditions under which these two institutions took shape,  and
> their successes and pathologies after they were consolidated.
> We shall then examine the ways in which,  and the reason why,  these
> institutions eventually began to unravel or collapse.    We will therefore
> focus upon the deeper institutional forces behind the rise,   consolidation,
> evolution,  and eventual decline of these party-states....................................................

> That's a general outline.    People could of course change it to suit a
> particular interest or follow a particularly interesting thread.
> Any interest?
> Louis Godena

Definately interested. I do not like the title "Crisis of Leninism". The
future is ours! Be more positive!


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